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The Philippine B2B SaaS Challenge Has Started!

Thank you for your interest in Impact 23’, applications have ended! 10 innovative startups are preparing to drive the next wave of digital transformation in the country! Secure your seat at SaaSCon PH on March 28, 2023 where we'll unveil the winners!



About the Program

IMPACT '23 is an 8-week startup accelerator challenge designed to uncover the next wave of innovative B2B solutions from early-stage startups in the Philippines. The program is jointly organized by Sprout and Kaya Founders.


To recap, last November, we called on game-changing B2B SaaS companies to apply to our accelerator program!

From Hire to Retire:
Managing the Employee Life Cycle

This category is open to solutions that help streamline the employee lifecycle.

The Future of SaaS:
Enabling a Fintech-powered Landscape

This category covers solutions that automate access or remove barriers to different financial transactions.

What's Next:
The Post-ERP Era is Here

This category is for solutions that automate or make key business processes more efficient.

Key Benefits and Prizes

Grand Winner

Opportunity to receive up to $100,000 in equity investment from Kaya Founders.

Professionally produced demo video

Automatic inclusion and integration into the Sprout Ecosystem, and access to over 1,000 client organizations

KMC office support package/co-working facilities

Dedicated marketing launch support through Sprout digital, social and events channels

Credits for Sprout HR & Payroll and Xendit subscription

Receive up to $10,000 AWS Credits

From over 60 local and international applicants, we've now shortlisted 10 worthy finalists who will undergo an 8-week accelerator program and receive these!

For all shortlisted participants


Receive high-quality mentorship during the 8-week program from Sprout, Kaya Founders, and B2B SaaS experts.

Cloud Platform Access

Use Sprout's cloud platform during the 8-week program.

Exposure to B2B SaaS Leaders

Get high-impact media and networking visibility alongside B2B SaaS leaders from SEA.

AWS Credit

Receive up to $10,000 AWS Credits.

Eligibility Requirements

The final 10 companies have been locked in and are ready to face off in the biggest B2B SaaS challenge!


In pre-launch, pre-seed, or seed stages (maximum $3M funding raised cumulatively since inception) from any sector dedicated to SaaS. No minimum threshold.


Any sector within the program categories.


Minimally one co-founder must participate, with a maximum of 3 members per team.


Teams can be:

  • Based in the Philippines
  • Overseas, looking to expand to the Philippines

A word from the

Program Organizers


Patrick Gentry

CEO and Co-Founder
Sprout Solutions

We're excited for the next generation of B2B startups to bring game-changing solutions to the market. Sprout Solutions and Kaya Founders have come together to launch IMPACT '23: The Philippine B2B SaaS Challenge.

In line with Sprout's North Star to impact the lives of every Filipino by improving business in the Philippines, this program provides an avenue where you can market your products or solutions, and drive transformational impact. It's a golden opportunity so we hope to get you on board!


Paulo Campos

Managing General Partner
Kaya Founders

As disruptive technologies display unabated growth, SaaS-driven applications lie at the heart of digital transformation. Along with Sprout, we believe that B2B SaaS startups with best-in-class solutions will bring the next wave of digital transformation.

We're excited for IMPACT '23 because it allows us to support, enable, and empower the country's rising B2B SaaS founders by casting a spotlight on your ideas and solutions. We look forward to receiving your groundbreaking submissions!

Program Timeline

December 30, 2022

Closing of applications.

January 6, 2023

Announcement of top 10 finalists via email.

January 16, 2023

Start of 8-week accelerator Program

March 17, 2023

Demo Day

Week 1January 16-20, 2023
Intro Week
Week 2January 23-27, 2023
Product and Business Ideation Intensive
Week 3January 30 - February 3, 2023
Programming Intensive
Week 4February 6-10, 2023
Marketing Intensive
Week 5February 13-17, 2023
Regulations and Legal Intensive
Week 6February 20-24, 2023
Pitching Intensive
Week 7February 27 - March 3, 2023
Fundraising Intensive
Week 8March 6-10, 2023
Refining Pitch and Prototype
Demo DayMarch 17, 2023
Support for virtual presentations
Saascon PH 2023March 28, 2023
Pitching of ideas for top three winners

Top B2B SaaS Startups from the Impact ‘23 Accelerator Program

Program Sponsors


In Partnership With

Wakemaker Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

IMPACT ‘23 is an 8-week startup accelerator challenge designed to uncover the next wave of innovative B2B solutions from local and international early-stage startups. The program is jointly organized by Sprout and Kaya Founders.
  • From Hire to Retire: Managing the Employee Life Cycle
  • The Future of SaaS: Enabling a Fintech-powered Landscape
  • What's Next: The Post-ERP Era is Here
  • Happy Benefits
  • Umwelt Peopletech Solutions Private Limited
  • Smile API
  • Olivia Technology Group Inc.
  • Twala
  • Britana
  • Aiah
  • Meron Capital
  • MeetBit
  • Betterteem
  • The program is open to applicants from startups still in the pre-launch, pre-seed, or seed stages all the way to those with a cumulative raised funding of $3M
  • No minimum threshold; can include pre-launch startups and teams
  • From any sector within the Program Categories
  • Minimally one co-founder should participate, with a maximum of 3 members per team
  • Local and international teams looking to drive change here in the Philippines.
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